This is the first real web page that I have done. Admittedly, I have used MS Publisher 97, (that is why the text loads like an interlaced .gif picture file, and the writing does not completely fi interesting links! So bookmark this page, and keep reading!

Better Things To Waste Your Money On.......

  • 7 million lottery tickets so that you will be guaranteed to win,

  • 30 acres of land, 2000000 tonnes of sand, and 700000000 gallons of sea  water then build your own private beach, (but remember to have about £100000000000000000000000000000, so you can hire the sun from God!),

  • Spend £7000000 on having you dustbin converted into a space ship and fly to Alpha Centuri,

  • Or continue to read this!

Things To Do.......

This boat came direct from God himself. It is a: LASER 5000. It is fast, it is sleek, it is Topper  BOSS. This would be the boat that I buy, but the LASER 5000

-  Twin trapeze,
-  11.2 m long,
-  PY: 846,
-  1.9 - 3.0m wide,
-  asymmetric gennaker
-  8.20m high mast,
-  109kg hull weight,
-  10* coolness rating
-  21.16m2 sail area,
-  33.00m2 gennaker area,
-  designer : Phil

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